Test Expected Result

Actual Result

Simulated Passing 2 to 5% decrease in time As Expected.
Noise level Minor increase at idle
Noticeable increase at full throttle
Slight increase in noise at 60 mph cruise
As Expected
(ears only used to evaluate)
Can't tell much difference
at all in sound; slightly more
growly at WOT
Water ingress No water ingress
when driving in rain
As expected
Airbox dry after 40 minute
drive around town and on freeway
in high wind and heavy rain

WOT Acceleration 4000 rpm to 6250 rpm in third gear, uphill on 7% grade, temp 41F, RH 75%, 29.8 inHg, 300 feet above sea level, two people in car, stock timing, K&N drop-in air filter, times in seconds
Run Stock Intake Cowl Induction
1 9.43 8.67
2 9.40 8.81
3 9.16 8.92
4 9.27 8.99
5 9.19 8.71
Average 9.29 8.82
Decrease in passing time 5.1 %